Team Joshua Generation 2 Part Marketing System

  • PART 1 - FREE Vacation Give Away Incentive: Easily Connect With More People & Get Prospects To Complete Survey

    • Prospect completes survey

    • Completes confirmation call

    • Entered in drawing

  • Prospect watches video on web page


  • PART 2 - Text Marketing Campaign  [ Text "Travel" To "830 522 2110"]

    • Create authentic leads from those who are genuinely interested & know when they have opted in

    • Lead them to the FREE VACATION registration automatically

    • Retrieve their personal info for prompt follow up purposes

    • Automatically expose them tour P2S opportunity through a strategic 5 part , text marketing , video campaign without lifting a finger

Membership Investment

Investment Price For Team Members:


  • The price for this marketing system is $40. This investment will cover the FREEVACATION + RESORT FEES + the text marketing system, graphics & efforts needed to elevate your marketing efforts & make them more effective.


Payment information: