30 Seeds Of Revival - Day 8

January 19, 2018






     It's tragic but true; it's so easy for many people to blame others for whereever they are or aren't in life. Oddly enough, very few people ever take up the challenge to mature to the point where we can own our lives the way it is totally necessary to do in order to be successful.


     Face it, most of life is out of our control but let's be clear, the lives of every historical figure that we honor, love, admire and celebrate today did not become so because they were given a perfect set of experiences.


     No, on the contrary every thing that happens to us also happened to them if not worst. The one thing they all have in common however is the fact that they eventually faced and then overcame themselves. IF MJ was here today he would call the opponent that we all need to face the "Man In the Mirror!" 


      Consider this; God wants to REVIVE your life more than you want to receive it. It does our heavenly Father no good for his children to live without revival power, so, let's put responsibility where it belongs; that is on us. For most of us, the only thing that is getting in His way, God's way, the way of our own revival is US!









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