30 Seeds Of Revival - Day 7

January 17, 2018






My youngest daughter has a new puppy named "Peppermint." Don't ask it's a long story. "Pepper" as they call her for short has a strange way of bouncing back and forth in sheer excitement between your legs whenever you go to let her out. There's been a few times we've had to have a few words with one another. I know she doesn't mean any harm but the last thing on my list of things to do is to fall down a flight off stairs because of her... I'm not having it! It's a "pet" peeve of mine ... I hate tripping over anything especially "Pepper!"


Have you ever tripped over your own two feet? Have you ever gotten in your own way? I know it sounds strange but it happens. It's kind of awkward isn't it? You would think that it would be much easier to be in support of yourself but nothing could be further from the truth at times.  We so often self sabotage our own blessing and  our own REVIVAL by getting in our own way and even getting in God's way. I know we probably don't mean any harm intentionally but why are we trying to trip God up? Get out of HIS way ...

He has a blessing with your name on it.








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