30 Seeds Of Revival - Day 6

January 16, 2018





What kid didn't grow up totally fascinated with the power granted by Aladdin's magical genie? Or maybe it was the power of "Bruce Almighty" that got your attention. Power has a way of getting our attention all on it's own and surely we serve a God who is all powerful; yet a genie in the bottle, he is NOT. God has a way; heart and mind of his own and equal to his power is his unfailing love for his children.Calvary is the clearest demonstration of just how much power he has;there at that cross, our God demonstrated his resurrection power sufficient to bring dead things back to life. Not only that, Calvary also showed us the true power of our Father's love for us as his lost children. Whereby, he is not some distant force in the cosmos but he is the God that counts the very hairs on or heads and is intimately aware of every detail and facet of our lives that we go through. He not only walks with us never leaving us alone but in the most difficult times of our lives it is he that carries us. He is "Abba," father.


That is where REVIVAL begins. In his lap.








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