Save, Save, Save! Did I Say Save?

November 21, 2017




I have a quick question for you. Would you prefer to save money or waste it? It's a really simple question isn't it? I don't want to speak for you but I can only imagine that you have the mental powers to go with option "A."


Amazingly, I feel the exact same way. Now, don't get me wrong over the 5 decades of my life now, I have wasted a ton of money ... maybe even more but never just for the sake of wasting it. This being said, whenever I can save money this is what I prefer to do; especially when a choice is made simple and clear to do so.


This is why I wanted to take some time to share something special with you today. We're right on the front end of the holiday season with Thanksgiving day being right in front of us. One of the things I want to help you to do is what I have been doing personally; saving money on the things that I would buy on a regular basis.


That's correct. I'm not talking about buying extra things that I normally wouldn't buy anyway just to say that I saved a few dollars using some sort of a magic coupon! No, for me, the very thought of that is ridiculous. In fact, that's not saving ; that is waste; the kind of stuff that I've already done far too much of already!


That's why this new program and service that I was recently introduced to has my juices flowing! It is just made up of the good old fashioned , common sense stuff that I can't go wrong on! I'm not spending new money; it's allowing me to keep buying the same stuff I normally buy already but with discounts that are easy to get to. I just got started in my 1st week and between lunch and a movie I almost saved $20 just like that! That made me look at all of the other stuff that I am now able to save money on, like:


  • Hotels

  • Condos

  • Resorts

  • Online Shopping

  • Movie Tickets

  • Theme Parks

  • Concerts

  • Sports Events


  So, here's the deal. Are you ready? This program is so tight that I decided to become a distributor for them. I love working online and building residual income anyway & their program is pretty impressive to say the least but that's just me. Not everyone is looking for ways to increase their cash flow online in a passive way.  Here's what makes this deal sweet for most people reading this blog; you don't have to BUY the service to see that it works; you can just TRY it absolutely FREE for 30 days and discover the value for yourself in every area that you need to do make some purchases. No worries, I've already made the necessary investment just so that you can find out how much value this program will have for you without coming out of your pocket.



Just look at what you'll be able to receive in addition to the savings of up to 50% on some of the items already listed above:



·         $200 in Reward Dollars after signing up.

·         $100 in Reward Dollars every month you're a member.

·         A $50 Reward every single month -- [US Platinum Customers Only]

·         Full access to our Travel Booking, Entertainment & Shopping Portals.

·         The ability to access over 6,500 condos and resorts worldwide at rock bottom prices.



Okay, I don't think that there's anything else that I can tell you ,if you don't see the value in this program. Ooppps, I almost forgot!  I can also show you how to earn a free 7 day vacation every single year!!! No kidding! Told 'ya' .... I love this program.












Save,Save,Save! Did I Say Save?





Pastor Mel Keyes


Your Ministry, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Locksmith












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