Save, Save, Save! Did I Say Save?

November 21, 2017




I have a quick question for you. Would you prefer to save money or waste it? It's a really simple question isn't it? I don't want to speak for you but I can only imagine that you have the mental powers to go with option "A."


Amazingly, I feel the exact same way. Now, don't get me wrong over the 5 decades of my life now, I have wasted a ton of money ... maybe even more but never just for the sake of wasting it. This being said, whenever I can save money this is what I prefer to do; especially when a choice is made simple and clear to do so.


This is why I wanted to take some time to share something special with you today. We're right on the front end of the holiday season with Thanksgiving day being right in front of us. One of the things I want to help you to do is what I have been doing personally; saving money on the things that I would buy on a regular basis.


That's correct. I'm not talking about buying extra things that I normally wouldn't buy anyway just to say that I saved a few dollars using some sort of a magic coupon! No, for me, the very thought of that is ridiculous. In fact, that's not saving ; that is waste; the kind of stuff that I've already done far too much of already!


That's why this new program and service that I was recently introduced to has my juices flowing