Today Is A "Chuck" Milestone

September 23, 2017

Today is a milestone for me.


No I’m not quite 50 yet! The Lord says the same, I’ll step into that new decade next Saturday, on 30 Sept.


The milestone for me is getting to do one of the things that has been on my bucket list for some time now & connecting it with a passion, cause and purpose that is so far greater than myself.


See, more than 30 years ago when I went back home on military leave to visit my mom, Patricia Ann Keyes,  in Brooklyn, I discovered that my mom had had a baby!!!


That’s what I said!!!


I mean “what’s really going on?!

Nah … but it wasn’t like that.


See, mom had stepped up to the plate with a heart larger than life to be a solution to someone else’s dilemma. In the mid 80s Brooklyn was set on fire with a crack epidemic and there were countless children born to mothers addicted to crack cocaine; unable, unqualified and sometimes unwilling to take care of their own children!


Surely, there were no easy fixes. But when times get their worst, heroes are needed and my mom became one of those. She always had a heart for kids not just her own. She was loved and respected by all of my child hoo