January 7, 2015








I was far too young to remember that day;

Though, I looked at the photo a thousand times they say.


Queens, each one of them, my Mom and “Mother”,

Loving on a son just like no other.


Can’t tell you today all they meant and still mean to me,

My mom flew away last month … 1st class you see.

I held her hand and kissed her brow,

And what I wouldn’t give just to see her now!


They both carried me as long as life permitted;

My mother first and then “Mother” got with it.

She rushed quickly to carry her “black gold.”

No, that’s what she called me or so I was told.



     For real though; the lessons I’ve learned from each of them have carried me my whole life time. Now that they are both gone its time to pay it forward.  The roles have been reversed.  A transition has been made. A new chapter is being written. I now get to carry them within me; with the possibility that I can be a blessing to someone else the way that they both have been to me.


     How I miss them so dearly BUT how I am also so grateful that God allowed me to have them while he did & that they are at last together again at the Lord’s table having a good ol’  time with the KING.


     I wont HATE. That’s ground to CELEBRATE for I am so rich today because of them. I’ve been given a wonderful LEGACY & “to whom much is given, much is required.” As I’ve received, so shall I give.


     LEGACY ---- that’s my word for 2015!




Home Going Celebration

Of Patricia Ann Keyes




Pastor Mel Keyes,

Success Coach & Vision Locksmith