Unlock The Leader Within YOU! Three Keyes To Authentic Leadership & Genuine Greatness.

November 17, 2014




Unlock The Leader In You!

Three Keys To  Authentic Leadership & Genuine Greatness




     Undoubtedly, we in the body of Christ have been locked up in chains concerning a false notion about what leadership and greatness really is and isn’t. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was the case for those who have no claims to our God but it is simply tragic that by this time in human history, the church still has not gotten our understanding of leadership right.


     I ask that you would stay with me a few moments because it’s crucial that we get this concept  right. I suppose the best of everything there has been, is and ever will be, is locked away inside this key principle. Our mission demands it; the world awaits it; the Lord requires it and his word teaches it.

     Here’s our dilemma; the world suffers from a shortage of authentic leadership and deeply in the pit of her stomach she craves to see what greatness really looks like. Yet, the ambassadors that God has sent to solve this global world problem are too busily occupied competing and arguing about who is the greatest amongst us! Unfortunately, to this very day, the church at large still has the idea of leadership turned wrong side up. As a result, we have repelled those we should attract and attracted those we should repel. Worst yet, since everything reproduces after its kind; multitudes of congregations, districts, associations; conventions, denominations and movements at large have been polluted by as much spiritual arrogance, ego, selfishness and carnal thinking as you would expect to find in operation at a corporate board room completely filled with an absence of God.  It’s odd isn’t it, that those who know no Jesus have at times, held to higher ethics, integrity and nobler ambitions than those who claim him?


     Clearly, the free have been in chains for far too long and gratefully, Jesus taught us long ago how we can all unlock the true leader within each one of us. Yes, thank God that Jesus gave us the master key! He is the essence of leadership; is he not? He is the epitomy of greatness; wouldn’t you agree? Let us then learn from the lessons of our Lord about how we too can truly become the authentic leaders we should want to be and how to release the true greatness that we were born to manifest! I need somebody to really think this through with me; we MUST get out of these chains!