I Swallowed My Fears &

I JUMPed ...

 For The Kids!!!

Now I Need Your Help So That We Can Continue To JUMP On This Problem Together.

Thank You For Donating $50+, $500+, $5,000+ or more to help us minister  more effectively & to more children. All donations are tax deductible & will be given in care of “The Joshua House of Worship” to be  spent directly in the ministry we provide children in foster care, group homes or shelters where we serve.

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  As an adoptive parent & personally serving at a local emergency shelter for almost 3 years I know 1st hand there is so much to be done. Now with official responsibility by our state commissioner to help strengthen REGION 8, we're actually believing God to do so much MORE by partnering with like minded, kingdom individuals, community leaders and businesses. 

On My 50th Birthday, God  Gave Me A Burning Desire To Use The Rest Of My Life To Partner With Like Minded People To Do Something Greater Together!


Partner With Us For

Project 50...Together We Can



Inspire at least 50 new partners to sign up to do one or more of the following:




1. Obtain 50 new partners per year to:

Donate $25, $50, $500, $5,000 or more per month to help us raise the bar of ministry we give to the children across REGION 8.

2. Take awareness courses that speak to the heart of the problem & what we can all do to help.


3. Register to serve at a local children’s shelter


4. Register as foster parents


5. Register for adoption

6. Take part in special projects like creating hygiene or school care packs for children per year

7. Donate much needed bulk items

 [IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to participate at the shelter with the children we are all required to take care of the following]

a.  Online Trauma Training Class

b. CPS Background Check

[Email To: Jennifer Farias <JFarias@rmya.org> Once Completed]

c. RMYA Volunteer Application [Email To: Jennifer Farias <JFarias@rmya.org> Once Completed]


Please Click Links Above To Partner With Us For

Project 50 & Be Contacted By a Team Member. Be Sure To  Include A Brief Message Indicating Your Area Of Desired Commitment.

We'd Like To Thank The Following "Project 50" VIP Partners:



The Joshua House of Worship


Joshua Generation Travel

The Omni Hotel, Corpus Christi

Sister Nikki Johnson

Pastor Jimmy Robles

News 4, San Antonio

Pastor Charles & Lady Janice Flowers

Dr Lannette Kincaid

Brother Shawn Dorrough

Wells Fargo Team

Minister Patricia Jordan

Deaconess CeeCee Vallejo

Sister Julie Brown

Sister Lillie Stevenson

Sister Whitney Stevenson

Minister Ethel Molder

Minister Carol Brown

CPS Staff:

Hope Shelton

Cheronda Tillman

Cornelia Garza

We Are Extremely Grateful For The Financial  Support & Partnership Through The  Following Key Vendors


If You Would Like To Support Our Effort With Your Business Please Let Us Know. We Hope Each Person Will Help Us To Increase Our Capacity To Reach Our Goals For "Project 50"

By Patronizing With The Following Vendors:


​ 1. I Am Joshua Generation Travel [Travel Promotion]


  • As travel agents, my wife & I are excited to donate 20 % of every commission  earned through  GROUP BOOKINGS you make with us for PROJECT 50. Those funds will further help us in our ongoing ministry  to the children in foster care, group homes & especially at the Bridge Children’s Shelter where we regularly serve. Price match guaranteed offered with all bookings. Click here or Contact Pastor Mel @ 210 – 316-5350 to book all travel.


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