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What is Travorium & Why Now?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What is Travorium & why now? That is such a great question. In all honesty, the name is new but the powerhouse opportunity is not. Travorium is the brand new name for the company my wife & I have along with 2 of our grown children have been a part of for 4 years come November & with the general state of our economy for most people, this incredible movement couldn't have come at a better time.

In essence, Travorium was formerly known as Paid 2 Save Travel or P2S as most of us affectionately called it. It was founded eight years ago by Mr David & Adella Hart, two sterling champions in the industry who have invested themselves for close to a decade, empowering everyday people to learn and have the tools & strategies to build a successful business working from home.

They built P2S , Paid 2 Save Travel and broke records year after year, building a global travel business in more than 50 nations world wide with dynamic & cutting edge services like our Dreamcations, net zero priced hotels, additional travel club benefits, a travel agency option for those in the United States and the most generous compensation plan you could ask for compared to the top competitors.

I'll cover each of those unique services and their amazing benefits on another occasion but for now, lets just say we are on the edge of experiencing the most major move that P2S Travel has ever made in it's outstanding, debt free history after paying out millions of dollars in commissions to people around the globe.

Now, not only are we about to release to the public, the new name change from P2S Travel to Travorium along with all the new branding, websites and presentations to go along with it but we will also be announcing that we have officially entered into the FOREX, foreign currency exchange business which goes hand in hand with travel!

Imagine this with travel around being an 8 trillion dollar annual industry all by itself being married up with a global opportunity like Forex that actually trades upwards of 5 Trillion dollars daily!!!!

Exactly!!! Can you spell opportunity! Although our travel business has continued to grow in leaps & bounds in the midst of the Covid crisis, now with this additional opportunity to diversify our offerings as a company; we expect that scores of persons looking for the best way to earn extra income working from home will find their way over to Travorium over the next quarter.

Are you ready to start living your BLESSED life NOW? Travorium will prove to be the # 1 solution to help them fulfill their life purposes and realize financial freedom by working with a company with a solid, proven track record for helping every day people.

Now that you know what Travorium is, you should definitely take the next step. Connect with me or one of my team members right away to get in position & here's the BEST news yet, you can even do so for FREE because of a special bonus we are offering over the next 30 days.

Watch this video for some MORE info:

What would you do if you had more TIME & MONEY? 

Vacation? Pursue your passions? 

Spend more time with friends & family?  

The truth is that most people dream of a different life…

we're going to show you how you can have A BETTER LIFE! 

Text "Travorium" to "830 522 2110"

Father's Favor,

Pastor Mel

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