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The New Peanut butter & jelly

Some things are very hard to improve on; especially when its been such a big part of your life for quite some time. Peanut butter & jelly happens to be one of those things for me. What about you? I mean we go wayyyyyyyy back ... all the way to my Scooby - Doo days!

What could possibly make a day more perfect than to get home from school [with no homework needing to be done, of course] throwing that bag of books off your back & taking your favorite spot on the floor in front of the 19 inch, black & white TV and then getting hooked up with a big, thick PB & J, perfectly diagonally cut, topped off with a tall, cold glass of vitamin D fortified, whole milk?


Well, it's been a minute since my eyes have been glued to the old 19 inch black & white, chilling with my old friend "Scooby-Doo" like that. I haven't even had much time enjoying my old class go to meal like I used to. However, I kind of got that "old skool" feeling again & that "Can it get any better than this?" kind of vibe, the other day when some great news came across my cell phone. Allow me to share it with you.

In fact, like momma used to say "I'm gonna show you better than I can tell you!"

Peanut Butter & Jelly Babbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

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