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Can't nobody do ya like the lord!

#ThankYouLord #IAmJoshuaGeneration

I tend to kick myself in the butt a lot. There's a lot of spilled milk behind me. Nobody sees it like I do but God. More than likely very few even care. Most folk, have their own issues to contend with. As for me; nothing too heavy; just a myriad of missed opportunities, bad decisions, misplaced trust, moments frozen by indecision & procrastination, thinking too small; striving to fit it; sometimes coasting on a gift but hesitant to go all in; not launching out deep enough; waiting for perfect conditions, second guessing what God told me & then coming back a third round or even a 7th or 8th on some occassions.

Been a late bloomer all of my life. Now you can see why. Yes, Mel Keyes is a huge construction site BUT God is at work which makes me very much a work in progress.

This brain of mine seldom seems to shut down, so since I'm up & after all it is my 53rd Birthday, let me thank every God for every soul that has ever shown me patience, understanding, concern, compassion and help. And only because I have grown a bit past who I used to be let me also thank God for those who have had the role of antagony in my life story. You too have made me better.

One thing for certain; "I be trippin" sometimes. God sure has been good to me. So what I've missed a million shots! At least I've taken them & now that I think about it; I'll take ten million more if The Lord gives me the space to do so & it gets me any closer to his will for my life.

Let me help those who may be coming up from the rear behind me; keep your eye on the Lord and dont blink at all. He's far too beautiful to miss one moment of glory. Waste no time looking for this, that or the other. Know that whenever you really learn to be present in his presence & press into the purpose that he has for you; there's NO stopping you at All. So get to that space as quickly as you can & if you are there already; never leave it because there is nothing better than that on this earth.

And just in case I havn't said it already because I am getting a little older now, "Can't NOBODY Do Ya Like The Lord!" I aint telling you what I heard either. This is what I KNOW.

That's why this season in my 53rd year I have to go ALL IN on some unfinished business. Got to finish the last quarter as STRONG as I know how with The Lord's blessing. He's brought me too far to waste any more resources of time & energy. There's more time behind me than in front & I cant turn back now. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Father's Favor