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Happy New Year & Congratulations!

You are next in line to receive one of our 3 night GetAways!


      We all know that 2020 was a crazy year but yet we are positioning ourselves now to experience more fulfillment in 2021. Here's  a big shout of belief for your vision and the achievements of your God given goals for 2021. We'll waste no time wishing for a prosperous New Year we  will operate in genuine faith & take the necessary action steps to create one. This is how we will work together to make 2021 extraordinary! 


If you have not already completed watching the previous videos, rush to do so, then be sure to text "Completed" to "830 522 2110" , afterwards, you will soon receive a verification text with the details to set up an appointment to review your survey by phone or video. Here's to your travel & more importantly to your success!


Father's Favor

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