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Welcome Entrepreneurs!

  Calling All Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs. It’s Your Defining Moment; Stay Where You’ve Been Or Experience Something Totally Brand New.

The New Year Calls For A New YOU!

Dream With Your Eyes Open & Experience New Travel & A Huge Opportunity To Go After Your Purpose With A Business Model That Has More Than Enough Potential To Establish The Base Income You'll Need To Sustain Your Lifestyle &  Larger Vision At The Same Time.

Explore the cities you've not seen before


Stay in gorgeous hotels


Rejuvenate regularly at stress-free resorts 


Enjoy the beach & watch the sunset

   A Better Life Requires A Better Way & That Includes A Lot More Time & Travel With Family, Friends, Likeminded Individuals & The Opportunity To Get Paid For Doing So. My Team Joshua Generation Partners & I Have Something Special For YOU.



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Pastor Danny

3 Night Stay GetAway Locations

  • Atlanta

  • Boston

  • Colorado Springs

  • Galveston 

  • Las Vegas 

  • Nashville

  • Ocean City 

  • Virginia Beach  

  • Atlantic City

  • Chicago  

  • Daytona Beach  

  • Park Area

  • Lake Tahoe 

  • New Orleans 

  • Phoenix Palm Springs 

  • Grand Canyon National  

  • Albuquerque

  • Cape Cood  

  • Ft Lauderdale

  • Gulf Shores 

  • Miami  

  • New York City

  • San Antonio

  • Yosemite Hawaii 

  • Branson 

  • Charleston 

  • Gatlinburg   

  • Hot Springs

  • Myrtle Beach 

  • Orlando

  • San Diego 

Get Your Guaranteed 3 Night Stay Gift Certificate In Just 4 Steps!

1. Watch the Videos

Watch all four YouTube videos & complete sign up form below.  

 2. Take The Survey

Take survey below or check your email for the survey to provide your candid feedback.

3. Send a Text

Text "Completed" to "830-522-2110".  This is an important step to verify your identity for the review.

4. Complete Review

You will receive a call to make an official appointment to review your survey and receive your 3 night Getaway. 

Watch These Videos Before Completing Your Survey ...

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Note:   The average value of each 3 night stay is approximately $750 or more. You are required to pay the activation fee for the  hotel/resort  in advance. Average FEE & tax per night is $35 -$65. You will ONLY SEE the EXACT PROPERTIES available AFTER you pay the activation fee. There are usually multiple hotels/resorts for each selected  destination depending on the dates  of  your selection.

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