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Welcome Entrepreneurs!

  Calling All Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs. It’s Your Defining Moment; Stay Where You’ve Been Or Experience Something Totally Brand New.

Half Time Of A Life Time

Seems Like The Year Was Just Getting Started But Now We Have Crossed Over Into The LAST HALF. Dream With Your Eyes Open & Turn The Last Part Of This Year Into The HALF TIME OF A LIFE TIME . Experience New Travel & A Huge Opportunity To Go After Your Purpose With A Business Model That Has More Than Enough Potential To Establish The RESIDUAL Income You'll Need To Sustain The Lifestyle YOU Want.

Explore the cities you've not seen before


Stay in gorgeous hotels


Rejuvenate regularly at stress-free resorts 


Enjoy the beach & watch the sunset

   A Better Life Requires A Better Way & That Includes A Lot More Time & Travel With Family, Friends, Likeminded Individuals & The Opportunity To Get Paid For Doing So. My Team Joshua Generation Partners & I Have Something Special For YOU.



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Pastor Danny

3 Night Stay GetAway Locations

  • Atlanta

  • Boston

  • Colorado Springs

  • Galveston 

  • Las Vegas 

  • Nashville

  • Ocean City 

  • Virginia Beach  

  • Atlantic City

  • Chicago  

  • Daytona Beach  

  • Park Area

  • Lake Tahoe 

  • New Orleans 

  • Phoenix Palm Springs 

  • Grand Canyon National  

  • Albuquerque

  • Cape Cood  

  • Ft Lauderdale

  • Gulf Shores 

  • Miami  

  • New York City

  • San Antonio

  • Yosemite Hawaii 

  • Branson 

  • Charleston 

  • Gatlinburg   

  • Hot Springs

  • Myrtle Beach 

  • Orlando

  • San Diego 

Get Your Guaranteed 3 Night Stay Gift Certificate In Just 4 Steps!

1. Watch the Videos

Watch all four YouTube videos & complete sign up form below.  

 2. Take The Survey

Take survey below or check your email for the survey to provide your candid feedback.

3. Send a Text

Text "Completed" to "830-522-2110".  This is an important step to verify your identity for the review.

4. Complete Review

You will receive a call to make an official appointment to review your survey and receive your 3 night Getaway. 

Watch These Videos Before Completing Your Survey ...

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Note:   The average value of each 3 night stay is approximately $750 or more. You are required to pay the activation fee for the  hotel/resort  in advance. Average FEE & tax per night is $35 -$65. You will ONLY SEE the EXACT PROPERTIES available AFTER you pay the activation fee. There are usually multiple hotels/resorts for each selected  destination depending on the dates  of  your selection.

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