Join 2020 Take Over Academy
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The mission of Master Keyes Coaching & Consulting is to further equip & empower high potential leaders of


  • Ministries,

  • Non-profits

  • Community organizations

  • Artists

  • Authors

  • Speakers

  • Trainers

  • Leaders

  • Coaches

  • Change Agents

  • Go Getters

Towards a pre- determined set of advantageous goals.


This year its NOT about participating; its about DOMINATING in key areas that for many people will require a network of seasoned & kingdom minded professionals  who know the power of community and collective vision.


WHY NOT make 2020 the year of phenomenal accomplishment that you significantly improve your credit score, purchase your 1st real estate property for profit [either as an individual or a collaboration with other like minded individuals.]


WHY NOT  set yourself up NOW to experience strategic, intentional discipleship, personal development  and coaching from the combined efforts and experience of  seasoned leaders?


WHY NOT make 2020 the year to learn how to set up and experienced travel for yourself, family & friends, saving thousands of dollars for yourself and loved ones PLUS creating a whole new stream of income on getaways & vacations that you were going to take anyway.


The Master Keyes Coaching & Consulting project "2020 Take Over" is a very results-oriented hands on approach . Pastor Mel & his team will be working with a select set of pre-screened clients to very quickly create reasonable, strategic, step by step plans of action that will ultimately produce the end result they’ve been looking for. 

Stop playing ... Its' time to TAKE OVER!